The goodie bag label being fold into two and both sides having same design, while for the sticker we use peel-of sticker paper to print the design, so you can easily peel and stick it on any surface (preferably something sturdy like metal or paper material)

Printings and paper decorations has been a hit since a couple of years back in Malaysia and since we at Lonia got the expertise, skills and not to forget tools and machine to make lovely printable stuff hence we would love to offer our service in this area too.

Most of our gift baskets and chocolate special gift pack comes with edible images and gift tags. Proud to announce that we make that all by ourselves and so far we never outsource the design job to third party.

So, feel free to send us inquiry on anything related to printing and paper stuff. We don’t have much sample yet since we are just started and slowly building up our portfolio, but here are few recent design that we made for our customers. We can do more, so please keep us busy by placing orders 😉

Scallop gift tags . Size of the scallop oval shape is about 2 inches (the broadest part) . Paper material is an art card (quite thick, will update the weight later) and it is a very suitable material for gift tag.

Container wrapper. Colourful design for teacher’s day and we print it on a glossy paper 128/130gm.

Personalise chocolate wrapper for baby full moon. Order this with Lonia chocolate bar as the size is tailored made for Lonia chocolate bar only.


Lonia standard chocolate wrapper

Personalise sticker and chocolate wrapper. Chocolate bar being packed nicely in a clear container

We can design a personalise tin wrapper and don’t worry darling you can buy the tin from us too 😉

Insyallah we would be able to make many more other printable decorations stuff like menu card, cupcake toppers, poster, triangle banner, mineral water wrapper and etcetera. You know what to do, just shoot us a message here

Have a nice day!

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7 Responses to “Prints & Paper Decorations”

  1. macamana sy nak wt tempahan badge/sticker ni?


    ladyimran Reply:

    Boleh email kami info[at]loniavillage[dot]com atau contact kami dekat sini


  2. boleh pm me quotation for mineral label?


    ladyimran Reply:

    boleh tapi I nak kene tahu size label yg you nk print tu dan quantity. sbb harga berdasarkan size dan kuantiti. botol mineral ada banyak size, so u let me know berapa lebar dan tinggi and also kuantiti insyallah I can quote you the price ok.


  3. Berapa harga tag scallop macam the 2 choc budget packguna sushi box, berapa minimum order.TQ


    ladyimran Reply:

    Email sent! :)Thank you.


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