Angry Birds is getting popular now as we can see many toy stores  and shopping malls are swarmed with angry birds plush toys, bags, t-shirt and many more. Angry Birds is truly a phenomenon!  I never find myself liking the Angry Birds game though, but apparently many kids (and adult also) like it very much. I wish I could see it from different perspective and loving the game too, but that didn’t happen to me so far. LOL.

Recently a customer (she’s my friend) ordered a pack of our Angry Birds “apam” and since I was quite free so I designed an A6 size poster and biodata for the her son’s birthday party. It’s a gift from me because she was so nice and she made my son a scrapbook craft for his 1 year old birthday present.

Initially, my printer didn’t want to co-operate with me, the print head clogged up and then later on I noticed the black color ink can be easily wiped off and ruin the nicely printed design. I was quite pissed off as I need to clean up the printer head first and test print for few times before I can really print it for good.

Hope Sanaa and Izzuddin Ammar (her son) love the apam and the humble mini poster plus biodata that I made for him.

Happy 3rd Birthday boy!

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3 Responses to “Angry Birds Birthday”

  1. Sanaa Elias says:

    Hi Ladyimran,

    We really enjoyed the Apam and the poster was fun to look at. Glad you had chosen that picture from all the pics I gave… My father and uncle agreed he looked cute and cheeky.

    Till today my son is still keeping some of the apam coz he really likes the ‘Birds’.

    Thanks for everything and all the best for Lonia’s future orders 🙂



  2. i want ask..on behalf of my chinese friend..if she want coklat pig like angry one can or not???


    ladyimran Reply:

    email sent to u already 🙂


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