Hello all 🙂 Sorry for lack of updates. I’m working on my other business as well, a sister company of Lonia and I’m in the midst of preparing stuff for my next project will announce it here once everything is confirm and final.

For the time being, wanna show you guys latest “hantaran” creation from Lonia. It’s a pink and white and we supplied 2 boxes of chocolates as well as the “hantaran” creation. The filigree white tray was provided by our customer though. She requested us to decorate the tray and ordered a set of “hantaran” chocolates to go with the tray.

The tray was being decorated with lots of pinkish and purplish flower, yellow butterfly and also a foam platform wrapped with silver wrapper. We made this “hantaran” with lots of thought in mind, so that it would be super easy to be assemble during the ceremony. They just need to place 2 boxes of chocolates on top of the decorated tray. Everything on the tray has been glued onto each other, so it would be intact and will never fall apart. Very practical and helpful to put everybody’s mind at ease 🙂 The chocolates that we provided for this “hantaran” is oreo chocolate and praline in red, pink and white theme color.

For information, we also taking orders for making full set of “hantaran” decoration (about 10 – 15 trays or more if we are given more time) including for non-chocolate items. Do contact us today!

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